November 25, 2020

Extremely fast testing will take place in this city of the country, Corona will know in just 5 minutes

Movidal testing of covid will now take place in this city of India which will get the report in just 13 minutes

Pune: Pune in Maharashtra is one of the worst affected districts in the country. However, Pune is also at the forefront in terms of testing. Now a big job is going to be done in Pune in terms of Corona testing. There will now be molecular testing of covid which will report in just 13 minutes.

Pune is the first district in the country to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and the Controller Journal of India for such testing. This testing kit has been brought to a private lab. It was inaugurated by Deputy CM Ajit Pawar on Thursday.

What is special about this testing kit is that the positive report will be received within five minutes while the negative report will take 13 minutes. Pallavi Jain, managing director of the diagnostic center, said the test would start for the public from next week. This test will also be done with throat and nose swabs.

Pallavi Jain has said that this testing device is portable. Testing will be done on PPP model with Pune Municipal Corporation. Patients with this test do not have to live in trauma. The report will be received within a few minutes of giving them the sample and their treatment will also start. Many patients have to travel and wait 12 to 24 hours for results. Now they will be freed from this mess.

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